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I live in Brockhollands, a hamlet near Lydney, where I share a studio with my wife of 25 years, Carmen, also an artist. Both of us are happy to meet and encourage others.

I suppose - like most people - my interest in art began at school. In my case it was a 'Technical School' in High Wycombe, way back in 1958. That technical environment tended to funnel whatever creative ability I had into technical and architectural subjects, drawn in pen and ink - colours and skies scared me then! So it wasn't until I met Carmen that there was some cross-pollination of each other's art skills; Carmen giving me the courage to work in oils with colour and for me to debunk for Carmen the myth that drawing 'perspective' was a gift reserved for only a few lucky people who were born with it! The barriers were down!

You often find that artists specialize in one particular subject for their portfolio but although Carmen and I have our favourites, we encompass the almost infinite range of subjects there are to paint, including abstracts. That fascinating era of 'Art Deco' is one that I have tried to include, where the use of gouache colours and geometric shapes come to the fore. Stylized portraits of certain famous people are presently a favourite of mine and I have plans to open this up to taking commissions based upon a 'head and shoulders' portrait photograph sent to us via this website. More on this later.

Examples of events, galleries and shows: Imperial Gardens Open Air Art Exhibition, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire; Art on the Railings, Chepstow, Gwent; Forest Open Studios Art Trail, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire; Taurus Crafts, Lydney, Gloucestershire; Art Attack!, Beechenhurst, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

P.S I've turned my hand recently to writing, with three books currently available on Amazon as Kindle publications or as finished paperbacks here at the studio.