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Are You Interested in Commissioning a Mural?

Mural Concepts: Ideas, Inspirations and Images
Bespoke murals are, by their very nature, highly personalized and artistically unique. Perhaps you've always hankered after angels on your attic walls or cherubs on your chamber ceiling? Maybe you have a more specific image in mind: a favourite photograph of a land or sea scape, say, or a picture from a magazine or book. You may also have a style in mind, for example, renaissance or impressionist or perhaps you want a trompe l'oeille effect, creating the illusion of a window or doorway on your wall that beckons the viewer into a wonderful new vista: a beach front terrace; an exotic jungle scene; a classical Roman courtyard or maybe something more homely, like a view of the cricket green in the village of your childhood. These are just some of the many scenes you could choose, depending on the subject that inspires you.

Arranging a Consultation
This is the next step in the realization of your ideas and inspirations. At this stage my clients will usually have an image, or series of images, of the kind of mural they have in mind. Don't worry about the scale or accuracy of these images, as these can be discussed in greater detail during our consultation (please allow about an hour for this) during which we will discuss factors such as: size; detail; style and the type of paints to be used. Other factors, such as the approximate timescale needed to complete your mural and the working environment will also be discussed. Factors will vary, depending on whether the mural will be on an interior or exterior surface. In either case, a clean and conducive working environment will be essential: free-running pets and/or young children make mural painting quite impossible! An indoor wall needs to have a smooth and stable surface; out of doors, the surface should be either well-pointed brick or block; a non-crumbling rendered surface is ideal - bear in mind that artists are not builders or plasterers and like to leave jobs like that to the professionals!

What Happens Next?

After the consultation, I will then work out an estimate of the cost of producing your mural, to include paints and any other materials and the time it will take me to produce it. This will include time spent off site, designing it and making a drawing of it to scale, so that it's ready to be scaled up later, on site. If you then approve of my estimate and choose to go ahead with the project, I will require a deposit, before I can begin work on the next stage: i.e. designing your mural and sourcing materials, as mentioned above.

Bearing all this in mind, if you would like me to provide a consultation for a bespoke mural, please email me, sending a subject picture and a photograph showing the nature of the surface(s) to be covered and an idea of the room size and layout, if interior or the wall's size and location, if exterior. Although the consultation itself is free, distance is, of course, a factor to be taken into account: if you live beyond a 25 mile radius of GL15 4PP, it will be necessary to make a charge for mileage/fuel expenses, so that I won't be left out of pocket, should you decide not to go ahead with the project.

Having said all this, I'd be certainly very happy to discuss your mural proposal with you and would look forward to delivering a mural that both you and I will be proud of.
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